Arts in health

three different artworks in three different hospitals, One is weaving the second is a mural on glass and the third is a range of whales suspended in the main foyer of the hospital

The Arts in Health Program integrates arts into NSW Health capital works to create engaging public health spaces for patients, staff, and visitors. 
Exposure to the arts has a profoundly beneficial impact, improving patient health and wellbeing, supporting cultural connections to the new hospital, and creating a welcoming environment for everyone. 

Art in the new Eurobodalla Regional hospital  

The Arts in Health Program for the new Eurobodalla Regional Hospital is about much more than deciding what will hang on the walls. It aims to leave a positive lasting cultural legacy for the community and create a significant opportunity to celebrate the creative talents of the region.  
The program is led by the Eurobodalla Regional Hospital Arts Project Working Group which includes the local community and staff representatives.  

The project team is working closely with the Aboriginal community, artists, patients, staff, architects, designers, and the community to ensure artworks reflect the unique qualities and stories of the Eurobodalla region, its people, and values. 

The Arts in Health Program is being delivered as part of the Eurobodalla Regional Hospital development, in partnership with Southern NSW Local Health District, artists, and communities. 

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